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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

new short story

the morning sun bathed the unfamiliar room in a watery yellow glow. My first thought was "this isn't my house". the second was "I have to get out of here". This was a natural reaction to the fact that I could be here for any reason and the homeowner may not see it as an innocent one. I scrambled to the sliding glass door only to find it locked. As I soon found out the same was true for all of the exits on the ground floor. After exhausting the last easy way out of the predicament I fell to the ground head in hands. I stayed like this for awhile.
After turning away from the brink of physiological breakdown I tried to figure out a logical way out of this illogical situation. Maybe if I figured out why I was in this house to begin with I would figure out how I got in and subsequently how to get out. that seemed to be a good plan or at least one to prevent me from completely losing my mind.
in an attempt to relearn the events that lead me to be in this mysterious house I sat on the couch I awoke on some time ago. However recovering the memories of the night before proved to be a challenge. In fact it seemed like this current batch of time was separated from my main memories by a bank of fog.
Eventually after accepting my memory was never returning it occurred to me the house was deserted. In fact it seemed more surreal considering the objects in the house often contradicted each other. Instead of creating a sense of a full rounded person the objects instead seemed to be creating a profile of several people or a victim of multiple personality disorder.
My hypotheses was confirmed when I became hungry and wandered into the kitchen. Instead of food the refrigerator it was more of the random objects that had so perplexed me earlier. Even stranger when I tried to open one of the books and inside was just a random collection of letters numbers and symbols.
The more I looked around in the house the more it appeared to be more of a movie set rather than a residence. While on the surface it looked like it belonged to an actual human upon closer inspection it proved to be a pale imitation. For instance the lighting from outside was at the same angle as it had been when I woke up. When I thought it about it I had no idea how long I had been in the house. I went into the side room that served no apparent purpose except to contain strange items that had a clock. I looked at it once and it read 10:00. however upon looking away and looking back the time changed to 7:00.
At once the morning sun bathed the familiar room in a watery yellow glow as I woke up.

(interesting note: a good way to tell weather or not you're in a dream is to look at a clock twice. If it shows to two very different times you know you're in a dream.)