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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I stand at the top of a hill snaking out below me. From my vantage point I can see a massive landscape spread out below me. A river twists and turns through an evergreen forest. Around me however there is nothing. Just me the snow, the air and a sled. Taking a steadying breath I take a running start and jump. For a second it is pure exhilarating weightlessness until I come crashing back to earth in a painful fall. No time to contemplate this however as I speed along the glossy surface of the snow. Several times I come close to tipping over my head going inches from the ground. Gradually however I lose speed and come to a halt in the evergreen forest. Though I wish I could take another run I cannot. The skiers want their hill back.
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  1. haha....dude how fun would that be...i would probably kill myself...

  2. Fun, and descriptive. May want to restructure some of your sentences to eliminate a few of the I's and me's.
    It's best to stay away from using words too repetitively.

  3. exhilarating post....good ride!

  4. Best to keep the skiers and sledders separate ... snowboarders too!

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