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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tech problem (Help?) and poem

OK so I'm having a bit of a tech problem. The other day all the comments after a certain date disappeared. For example on Sunday magpie tale had 7 comments but then over night it shrank down to one. Has anybody else had this problem? if so how do I fix it?

Aside from that here's a new poem.

the newspaper comics
are a source of
endless fascination

there exists a
pop culture relic
sealed in amber
from another time

a time before
anything we take
for granted
in our daily lives

like politics in
everyday life,
proper gender/racial relations
generation tensions,
or irony

witch leads to an
odd paradox:
how can something
created without
be the source of
such ironic enjoyment


  1. hey blogger crashed for 24 hours last weekend...all comments made during a certain time were erased as well as the posts...they restored the posts but lost the comments...

    nice poem...i love the comics...and their irony...some sharp wit in many of them...

  2. Thoughtful, superb. Love your artwork.

  3. Very clever and thought-provoking

  4. This is not a good poem.

  5. Actually, this is a bad poem.