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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Curtain opens on a living room. Will is standing alone talking on the phone.

Will: Hey man how’s it going? Yeah she’s coming home. No I haven’t proposed. Can you get off my back about it? Ah it’s fine mom. Hey did you hear about the zombie outbreak by my house? Nah it was pretty minor no need to worry. Wait she’s coming in gotta go.

Ramona comes through the door she is crying.

Will: What’s wrong?

Ramona: I…I got…got

Will: What? What happened?

Ramona: I got bit!

Cries harder

Will: Bit! Bit by what?

Ramona: A zombie!

Will: No! how could this happen?

Ramona (sobs): Well (sniffles) I was walking home form work alone I might add and well I dropped my purse and as I bent over a…a zombie bit me in the arm.

Will: No does that mean…

Ramona: yes I have 3 hours until I…

Will: no this can’t be happening not to you… Wait I have an idea! I just read an article in um the New York Times that says zombies really are still human or something.

Ramona: well ok then…

They sit down there is silence for some time.
Will is sitting in the easy chair looking worried as is Ramona. suddenly she bolts up as if she just had a great idea.
Ramona: you know I’ve been doing some thinking. Maybe once I’m a zombie I can keep myself from eating you or anyone else. I mean I’m still a human right and even if I lose that I’ll still have my humanity. Now that I have thought about it I know that I don’t have to be a bloodthirsty zombie. I can be a nice zombie. In fact I’ll change the way people see the walking dead. I can change the world show them that zombies can be sweet and caring without the craving for Man. And then I can teach the other zombies that just because their undead doesn’t mean their not human beings.

Will: what are you crazy! No we are not accepting this. We will go down fighting!

Ramona: No I’m gonna become a zombie so why fight it.

Will: Why fight it!? Honey why are you talking like that? Wait a second… lack of fighting spirit. That…that’s one of the fist signs!

Ramona: What are you talking about? all I’m saying is that…

Will slaps her.

Ramona: What was that for!

Will: Funny I read somewhere that if you slap them it might…

Ramona: Shut up! I don’t care what you read. Once you’ve been bitten there’s no turning back! God men!

Ramona sits back down and turns away from Will. Awkward pause

Will: look Ramona I’m sorry I that I…

Ramona: No I understand and even though there’s no cure I’m ok with you trying out you (finger quotes) methods for preventing it.

Will: Ok then I’m going to the Internet.

Ramona: good and can you grab me some raw meat from the fridge.

Will: oh god…snap out it!

Ramona: Snap out of what!?

Will: I don’t know your zombieness.

Ramona: Look are you gonna be this paranoid all I wanted to do was eat raw meat…

Will: that’s the problem… I mean what human wants raw meat…

Ramona: Well I do!

Will: Fine I give up have your raw meat!!

Ramona: well if it means so much to you fine I’m not even hungry any more….

They sit in silence for a minute. Finally Will sighs goes to the freezer brings back a steak.

Will: here you go

Ramona: thank you Will I know it was difficult for you…

Will: well this is as far as I’m going to accept your transformation… I will stop this!

End Act I

Act 1 of the play I'm writing future zombie.


  1. JP, u r so patient and dear to me,
    thanks for the participation...
    I appreciate your persistence and professionalism!

  2. raw meat,
    daring thoughts,
    love your creativity and fresh style of writing...

  3. smiles. nice one jp...i thought if i slapped you...lol.

  4. Very cool! What fun...you are an inspiration to me :-)

  5. Interesting and funny -- I agree with Brian -- that is a great line. And the last one.

  6. You are truly an inspiration, such a cool write!! Keep it up, I'll be coming back for more xx

  7. Always unique...always you. Love it JP

  8. I am laughing pretty hard, thank for this comedy and wonderful work, I really love it so much, happy rally and I will be looking forward for more of your works^.-

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    I nominated you

    s special award,

    The Perfect Poet Award for Rally week 27,
    no need to do anything so far,

    your name will be listed after Poets Rally week 27, then after I post, you can accept…


  10. Dear author,
    The first act has grabbed me in a zombie hold.
    As an editor of zombie literature, I must say the format of your writing is zowie.
    You show much promise in helping humans understand zombies.