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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

my poems
In writing poetry there will be folks
Who believe your poems mean something more
Than they really do
Some believe that poems must have
Some sort of metaphorical meaning or
Some kind of deep profound and brilliant
I however do believe that poems are not
Like that.
They flow out onto paper wheather you
Like it or not.
People can say what I mean by my poems
Just don’t expect me to buy it.

here's a poem on poems and new add for tasty taco. What fun!


  1. Your poem- it's SO TRUE! :D Nice.

  2. Yeah why do people find it necesary for poems to you know mean something

  3. be true,
    be you,
    be cool,
    let it glow...

    I love the natural beauty of your poems.
    awesome job.
    I am impressed by YOU :) ;)

  4. I really enjoy your poem.
    I am trying to understand your drawings.
    I am more than a little ignorant.
    But I am really liking it here!
    stay blessed.

  5. LOL. This is great. I really like your poem, no matter what it means. ;) Thanks for sharing it.

  6. I so agree with your statement. whether there is rhyme, reason or stupidity we will continue to let it flow
    Enjoyed it!