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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Two poems and a nice old school supervillian
Love and other stuff I should compose poems about but oddly never do
Oh the feelings of love heartbreak and total lack
Of creative angst
She was beautiful she was lovely
(Actually she was on my friend’s blog)
We were wonderful together
(We were never together)
Then she went with him
That one who stole the love of my life
(Yet another gross overstatement.)
I still remember her magenta flowing hair
(Or was that that dream with the cow and George Orwell)
Her oh wait did she ever exist
Or was she a dream a figment of
Abstract thought
Why do I waste my time writing of stuff like this
Or is this all a weird dream
Oooo a pig with wings

Oh you foolish duck why are you content to sit at the
The same old pond each day
Why don’t you go and see the world
The pyramids of Egypt The Parthenon of Greece
Hollywood New York city all for you to see
The whole wide world is open
Go little duck go
The duck looked to me
And I looked to him
Finally he spoke in a voice so very small
He asked a simple question


  1. Hi,
    you will find the perfect match in life,
    be patient,
    be hopeful,
    things go up and downs,
    but life will always reward you
    if you are GOOD!


  2. Pigs with wings and ducks that won't fly. I love it here!

  3. Ji and Jaymeithrone: Thanks guys these were bolth really fun to write