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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Two poems and a drawing

Oh how I love being non profound almost profound
Or something like that
I will say weird stuff every day that is not profound
Almost profound or something like that
At least I don’t try to act very profound almost profound
Or something like that.
People will say strange things in the dark
And I’ll say some things of my own
That are non profound almost profound
Or something like that
It’s like that quote I don’t know
From some guy I don’t know
Of course it was very inspiring (or else very weird)
About a cow jumping over the moon
Hey that was non profound or almost profound
Or something like that
Oh the fun of being vague and obscure and
Of course being un profound almost profound
Or well you get the picture

Ode to Obscurity
Oh the weirdness
Oh the weirdness
Things you’ll never read
Things you’ll never see
In the back room of the library
Ah the stuff that happened
or did it ever happen
A puck
A truck
a trunk (of an elephant)
Donald Trump
A walrus tusk
If all the weirdness
Of the world
Was collected in a book
That would be so thick
Without weirdness life
Would be normal
And that would be


  1. Thank you did sam tell you about my blog or...

  2. I found my way here from your posts on the DDblog. Love the second poem!

  3. a poet in making,
    keep doing.
    thank you for the profound poem. :)