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Thursday, March 4, 2010

An almost epic poem I wrote

Morning on the ocean front
Red sun in the horizon deep blue
In the sea a schooner prepares to
Sail across the unforgiving sea

The schooners name is Fermor
Born under a star of misfortune
Cursed from the day of its
Making, the ship prepares to
Sail away away away

A teary woman assures her
Suitor of her love, the captain
Makes the schooner ready to
Sail across the unforgiving sea

When the village clock struck
High noon the villagers waved
The passengers pray as the ship
Begins to sail away away away

The first full week was quiet
The sailors held their breath
As the cursed schooner Femor
Sailed across the unforgiving sea

First there was no wind then
Then there was too much
Sailing like a drunken horse
Through the unforgiving sea

Clouds were brewing in the east
The wind was down to a trickle
As if the world was in a state of Calm before the mighty storm

It was midnight on the Femor
When the sea the sky and the
Heavens unleashed the might
Of the monstrous brutal storm

Thick sheets of rain began to
Fall upon the Femor’s wooden
Deck, the sailors held the masts
To avoid being swallowed by
The unforgiving sea

Waves as tall as buildings Slammed into the hull
Swallowing crates and boxes
Into the sea’s hungry mouth

The boat violently rocked
Under the mighty force of
The unforgiving sea

Under deck the passengers Wailed as they were shoved from Side to side one man wept at the Picture of his love whom he Believed he would never see Again

On the deck above the sailors Struggled to keep the Femor Afloat then from the soot black Clouds above came a mighty Flash.

The fore mast shuddered and Collapsed sending splinters Flying the sailors prayed to god Above that they would not be Dying

Just when the ones aboard the Femor had just run out of hope
The storm began to clear the Battered passengers and crew let out a cheer

The schooner had survived the Hellish night to see the pinkish Morning light as the Femor Sailed away away away across The unforgiving sea

Morning on the ocean front
Red sun in the horizon deep blue in the sea a woman runs to greet her suitor on the lucky ship Femor on the unforgiving sea

JP Beaty


  1. phenominal. love the tale of the ships journey....like a drunken horse, ha love it...great job!

  2. wow,
    u have gotten beautiful flow on this one,
    wild, sense-making, and colorful!
    I am impressed by your improvement.

  3. this is simply awesome! You are a wonderful storyteller.

    I have a small award for you, please collect it from my blog: http://mydomainpvt.wordpress.com/best-blog-award/ and make me very, very happy.
    With warmest wishes,

  4. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/03/08/wings-of-love-and-the-golden-cup-award/

    A golden cup award 4 u.

  5. Thanks for stopping in dude. Cool site, I'll have to poke around and read some of your stuff. I liked your epic poem. Very Beowulf.


  6. A heart-warming story, and your imagery is so vivid...sail away..away my friend.

  7. JP
    Poem is fantastic.
    You have talent as a writer and illustrator.
    Your imagination is your treasure and we all benefit from it.
    Your grandparents
    Liz and Don

  8. What a tale, very nice. Great imaginationa and imagery!

  9. A lovely piece of work, the title is very tongue in cheek

  10. Nice piece; beautiful imagery. Heartspell

  11. An epic voyage indeed-- I love the tale you spin.

  12. I love the scenery portrayed in this poem and I love it so much, thank for sharing such a wonderful poem, will be looking forward to mroe of your works=D