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Thursday, March 11, 2010

In the reeds that sit by a river whose name I do not care to remember. The water in the muddy ground sinks into the knees of my pant legs. A pair of night vision goggles causes my head to itch but I know I can't move. The whole area around me seems to do what I do...wait. Suddenly I hear a snap of a twig near to me. I instinctively turn around. And in the green glow inherent to my method of seeing in the dark is what I've searched for. The creature is a massive hairy human shaped object. It is a Sasquatch beginning it's yearly migration. For a split second the creature acknowledges me. It then nods and continues on it's way to it's ancestral homelands.I wish this yeti well.
JP Beaty 2010


  1. welcome in,
    beautiful post!

  2. dude...that would be so cool...nice drawing as well...

  3. Your blog is real interesting.Different.I love the drawings too.Very Natural.