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Thursday, March 25, 2010

In a small town with an unimportant name sits a single man his face covered by a newspaper he pretends to read. Another person walks out of a store across the narrow street.He is walking around to another store when he spots the other man.He disregards traffic and sprints across to the other man who is trying to ignore him. The new man jumps up on to the first mans porch "Henry is that you? how long has it been?" Henry ruffles his newspaper and glumly replies "too long too long" The newcomer launches into a rant about how he has found a new opportunity to make a large sum of money. He then says "If you want to be a part of it come with me now." Henry goes back to his newspaper.

I recently took a writing class where we had to write in another persons style. This is me Hemingway.


  1. ha. brilliant.
    love the story and the humorous end.
    so where did you take the class?

  2. short story,
    well done!

  3. I think it's hard to go there and write in another person's style. So how did it go?
    I'm so glad I found another 14 year-old!

  4. Hey JP!
    I really did enjoy reading that story!

  5. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/04/09/week-121-are-you-the-perfect-poet/

    Brian nominated you the perfect poet award for week 13,
    happy 4 u.
    have fun!