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Thursday, April 1, 2010

I sit in a sweltering room inside a dull brick school. I'm seated tortuously close to a window beckoning me. The teacher is speaking on a subject I comprehended long before this. Outside I spot two white birds gulls most likely. I am hit with the oddity of this sight as I never associated gulls with Minnesota.I begin to wonder "how did such a bird end up here?" Maybe it got cut off from the pack, but wait gulls don't go in packs. Or maybe it's some sort of anomaly or some shape shifting creature. Just as the possibilities flood into my mind, I am brought back to reality by the voice of the teacher. He says in a monotone "Just because it's last period on a Friday doesn't allow your mind to wander. Now flip to page...". I sit upright for several minutes before the inherent dullness of the subject loses my concentration. I look to my friends. They feel the same. My eyes wander yet again to the window.

We all have days like this but it gets worse as spring then summer comes around. Anyway hope you enjoyed this week's short story.


  1. nice. yeah it does not get any better when you get out of school...some days at the job...yeah. especially during baseball season...

  2. Hey there! I like your blog. Will keep coming back to check out your new posts. =]

  3. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/04/02/four-easter-birth-days-and-one-happy-birthday-among-families/

    it is nice beginning to write a short story.

  4. Short stories demand that we capture a reader's attention early and often. You did just that with this story. Nice Job my favorite oldest son.

  5. That was splendidly expressed. And something soooooo strange is going on. You see, I've got a very similar post. It's too about finding distractions in boring classed, but I find yours far better
    Sadly, I lost "Brave New World" this morning and if I don't find it by tomorrow, I'll have to begin reading another one. What's your favorite part in 1984? It's the best novel I have ever read. Part three is ingenious!
    Here's my post's link:http://lostmelody-m.blogspot.com/2009/10/written-geometry-period.html