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Monday, April 12, 2010

My Friend Maha http://lostmelody-m.blogspot.com/ gave me a thing (very eloquent I'm aware) where I answer a variety of questions of sorts than pass it on. so here I go.
1.If a movie based on your own life is to be made, what will be the name of that movie, and who’s gonna play you?
Um let me see well the person who would play me is Zach Galifanakis (except thinner and without a beard)(also check out his SNL at http://www.hulu.com/watch/132883/saturday-night-live-zach-galifianakis#s-p1-so-i0)a the title would be Stuff I learned cartooning in 3D
2.Why did you start blogging?
Well for years I had many comics short stories and other written pieces that I had no outlet for. It wasn't however until I started my apprenticeship with Sam Hiti http://samhiti.com/ that I had a need to be online hence this blog.
3.What is the one thing you want the most?
In all honesty their aren't many things I want. In fact all I really want is to continue to have my current awesome life and books.
4. What would you do with a million?
With a million currency I'd suppose that I'd what one would expect. For example the trips for family I-stuff etc.
5.Name one thing you hate about yourself, and another thing you like.
I quite honestly wish that I could enjoy watching sports but that doesn't seem feasible. I love that I have friends and artistic talent. (not to sound full of my self or anything.)
6.Name five objects you can see in front of you right now
a sketch pad, a cup of water, speakers, a calender, a lamp.
7.If you had a super power, what would it be?
I would love the power to absorb any one's powers. That way I could have any powers.

OK so their you have it. my people are
1. Brian http://www.waystationone.com/
2. Jingle http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/
3. Henryhttp://dangerousmindofhenry.blogspot.com/

and my questions
1. Whats the last thing you saw on TV and was it good?
2. What book are you currently reading?
3. Worst movie you've ever seen and why?
4. What do you consider to be the best piece you've ever written.
5. Weirdest thing you've ever eaten.
6. Least favorite common phrase.
7. Have you read any comics recently if so which ones?


  1. nice...

    1. The Unit - got cancelled and i saw it online...have not had cable in about 2-3 years

    2. The War of Art (re-read) and Crosscurrent (star wars)

    3. 12 monkeys...oh my.

    4. my next one...tomorrow it will still be th next one..lol. good question...hmmm...

    5. i eat pig brains once a year at thanksgiving...i have also eaten king cobra...

    6. eat my shorts....just doesn't sound appetizing....

    7. batman is my all time fav...i grew up on xmen as well...both are pretty jacked up right now. i periodically drop by the comic shop or B&N to check out the graphic novels or recent comics...

  2. JP - Regarding your list, that is one thing I admire the most about you...you appreciate what is happening now ("I want...my current awesome life and books"). Living a life filled with gratitude fills you up -- and extends this happiness to others...especially your proud family.


  3. #1: I don't watch tv any more, last time watched
    you are smarter than a 5th grader.
    #2: how to write a short story,
    #3: black sun 731, about war between Japanese and Chinese.
    #4: not sure, readers tell.
    $5: chicken feet
    #6: *shut up* is what I hate to hear, preferred phrase "be quiet"
    #7: random ob line or in local new paper,
    my kids love "Cat cartoons", I used to like
    "the curious monkey book"