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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tim had been sitting in a freezing car for over 4 hours now. Most people on the sidewalk next to him were bundled up or moving as fast as they could to their destination. He sighed and checked his pocket watch yet again. The rhythmic ticking was the only sound in the car. His hand went to the radio until he realized that it had been broken for the past two months. He open a crumpled magazine he had picked up at a restaurant on a late night trip for takeout. Already the pop culture references were far outdated. The man's mind then turns to what happened to his friend who was supposed to be here hours ago. He checks his watch again. He said to meet in Cairo, New York at 11:30 pm. He checks his watch, thousands of miles away in Cairo Egypt his friend does the same.
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  1. ha. just a little off the mark i would say...ike a whole continent. very nice...

  2. I don't get it? why was he in Washington while his friend was in Cairo?

  3. I believe it was because both characters misunderstood where their rendezvous was(?). Correct me if I'm wrong, though, as that was only what I'd managed to pick up...

    It's a nice piece. I liked the quaintness of it all. You were definitely showing and not just telling -- that's good. Keep writing. Watch out for those inconsistent verb tenses.

  4. One of my favourite topics: The shifting planes of reality and understanding - and how they can change the course of things forever. I could see a grand misadventure arising out of this situation!

  5. brian: yeah totaly
    maha: See it turns out there's a cairo in new york state so the point is the went to the wrong cairo.
    kuyerjudd: verb tenses meh
    jenefir: yeah I might expand on this idea...

  6. Like Portland Oregon and Portland Maine. Once a friend of mine went on a plane to Oregon instead of Maine...Although, you would think most people would hear Cairo and think Egypt.

  7. Nice man my main thing with that is that the time deifference would mean it wouldn't be 11:30 in egypt at the same tome as NYC haha

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