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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I sat in contemplative silence -- chin rested on my palm. Across a table from me was a jeweled walking stick. It leaned against a blank wall within the lab. For just a mere minute ago my friend had disappeared into the ruby on top of the cane.
It all started last night -- or if you wish to be exact -- early this morning. I woke up from my slumber by the sound of my door bell. Drowsily, I walked to my apartment door. Right in the hall was my lab partner from the university. He had a wild look in his eyes. His clothes looked as if they had been worn for days. The usually clean-shaven man had grown a beard. As I stood in the doorway just staring at him, he took it upon himself to enter the apartment.
I watched silently as he walked to my pantry and began to eat as if he hadn't in days. He sat on my table in silence for several minutes. I just sat looking shocked. Finally he stopped chewing long enough to speak. "My friend I have discovered something that will change how we think forever." I looked to him intrigued. "Everything we know is wrong. I know it all. An alternate universe, time travel, everything." I backed away slowly staring at him. "Don't believe me? I'll show you."
Reluctantly I followed him to his car. We drove in silence until we reached the University. With shaking hands he turned his key in the door. As the light switched on, I saw the object of my lab partner's excitement. Sitting bathed in flourescent lights was a jeweled walking stick discovered by the archeology wing in an excavation in east China. My friend slammed his fist on the lab bench saying "these bloody brilliant Chinese men made this during the Ming Dynasty - yet it changes every rule of physics. The ruby on top of the cane is a portal to other universes. Yeah, and I figured out how to tap it's full potential...spent 3 days wandering the Sahara. But now I can control it." I stared cynically at him and said "prove it".
At that point he touched the top of the staff, closed his eyes and disappeared. I was left alone in the lab. I waited for over 3 hours. Finally the air shimmered and there was my friend standing nonchalantly and said "ancient Egypt is a fascinating place". In his hand was something I have only seen in books. They were ancient gold coins - worth millions of dollars. I leaned on the jeweled walking stick for support and was in awe.
This is a magpie tale http://magpietales.blogspot.com/ and a poet rally post I nominate Jingle http://itistimetothinkformyself.blogspot.com/


  1. that was simply amazing. perhaps the most fabulous thing i read today....brilliant

  2. I loved it! really. It's my favorite post by you. It kept me entertained from the first word until the last.

  3. When the air shimmered, I shivered! Well done!

  4. thank you,
    you are excellent writer...
    beautiful job!

  5. You are an amazing writer. I want more! Wonderful xx

  6. WOW.. you tell it PERFECTLY!
    What a great tale.
    Happy Thursday!
    Mine is here

  7. V.cool! poetic fiction...?

  8. wwoooww... awesome tale :)
    really cute

    I'm here from Jingle's rally
    you can check my poem at

  9. aww..you are so amazing!
    loved this piece :))

  10. wow....a really enjoyable read, keep it going & well done

  11. a very fun read! :) i like it!

  12. thank you for the comments and contribution,
    brian is represented as fresh poets the 2nd time...it depends, i make a decision because he always comment for all participants...
    I will think of you next time.

  13. JP......this is not just gr8, it is so unique a story....must be a scific thing. KEEP UP, I recommend you for the movies.....

    I wrote a poem in my blog, this piece rest assured will inspire you and strengthen your faith...It's more than just a poem the message it passes is magnificent, take a look;


  14. http://itistimetothinkformyself.blogspot.com/2010/05/jingles-may-followers-award.html

    some May awards,
    Happy Sunday!

  15. A very engrossing read this was! keep it up!

  16. JP, this was my favorite post yet. You kept me involved throughout the entire story and I couldn't wait to read the next line. Keep up the great work, you are a very talented young writer.